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PCB design and layout
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PCB design and layout
PCB fabrication
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PCB Components assembly
PCB design and layout
PCB fabrication
PCB assembly
PCB Components assembly
PCB design and layout
PCB fabrication
PCB assembly
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PCB Design & Layout
Bittele Electronics provides Circuit Board Design (Schematic Capture) and PCB Layout Service with a focus on Design for Fabrication and Design for Test. Our PCB Design & Layout service is available as part of our Turn-Key PCB Solution, or as a separate service to fit your needs. PCB Design & Layout services include:
Generating BOMs SMT Solder Paste Stenciling
Design of Multilayer PCBs Digital, Analog and RF Circuits
RoHS & Pb-Free Compliant PCBs Over 10 years of Experience
PCB Routing Methods: Hand or Auto Capture of PCB Schematics
Mounting BGAs and Micro-BGAs Capable of Generating CAM Data

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PCB Fabrication
At Bittele Electronics we provide PCB Fabrication of consistently high quality and at an affordable price either as part of our Turn-Key Solution or as a separate service to fit your needs. Bittele’s advantage of having all our PCB Fabrication in-house at our facility in Shenzhen China (instead of using outside contractors like many of our competitors) means better control over quality and scheduling of your PCB’s. PCB Fabrication Services include:
Multilayer PCBs (up to 30) Largest Panel Size: 19.7" by 31.5"
Testing for Control of PCB Impedance Quick Turnaround of Prototyping
Comprehensive Electrical Tests PCB Vias: Blind, Buried, Plugged
Trace Width/Spacing: 3 mil (Std 5/5) Minimum Hole Size: 0.006"
PCB Type: FR4, Roger, Teflon, etc. RoHS Compliant PCBs

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PCB Assembly
Bittele provides affordable PCB Assembly Services either as part of our Turn-Key Solution or as a separate service to fit your needs. Our PCB Assembly Services encompass the entire process including ordering Components, Inventory Control, PCB Assembly, testing and shipment to your facility. Our in-house assembly capabilities include BGA, MicroBGA, QFN and other leadless packages. Our PCB Assembly Services include:
Surface Mount(SMT) Assembly Placing Fine Pitch Parts
Assembling RoHs Compliant PCBs Assembly for BGAs and QFNs
Turnkey Assembly of PCBs BGA X-Ray Inspection
Assembling Prototype PCBs AOI inspections
PCB Assembly in Low Volumes Testing for Functionality

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Parts Management
Bittele Electronics provides an excellent component sourcing solution utilizing a well established network of manufacturers and distributors. Our dedicated team of buyers takes care of sourcing your PCB components and inventory management. Our Component Procurement Services include:
Procuring and Kitting of Components Managing Parts Inventories
Hard To Locate Components Sources Cross-Referencing of Components
Comprehensive Worldwide IC Sources Program IC Components
Verification of Arriving Parts Analyzing Electrical Profiles
Single Day BOM Cost Estimates Cost-Effective Surcharge Fees

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Low-Cost One-stop PCB Assembly Services

Bittele is your complete Turn-Key PCB solution for Electronic Manufacturing Services. At Bittele, we understand the requirements of, and specialize in, your company's need for prototype and low-volume production. Our in-house facility provides PCB Design & Layout, Design for Manufacture (DFM), PCB Fabrication, Parts Sourcing, and PCB Assembly Services. Because we do everything in-house at our ISO9001 certified and IPC-A-600 & IPC-A-610 compliant production facilities, we ensure your project is top quality and remains on schedule. If you need the services of a full Turn-Key provider, Bittele can offer you low-cost PCB Fabrication and/or PCB Assembly Services to meet your project's requirements. Get started now by clicking the PCB Assembly Quote or PCB Fabrication Quote links above!

Since 2003, Bittele Electronics has been providing its low-cost, PCB manufacturing, assembly and component procurement services in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and other parts of the world, with satisfied customers in a broad range of industries. Bittele has expanded its presence in the United Kingdom by establishing a local sales office in Dundee, UK, in order to best serve its European customers. Bittele believes its one-stop, PCB assembly service can assist engineers in Western Europe save time and money while guaranteeing a total quality approach to PCB fabrication and assembly with its industry-leading, Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Testing (DFT) processes.

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Bittele's DFM reduces your Circuit Assembly Cost
Bittele supports Cornell University robotics team with custom PCBs
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