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Hi, I have done all the tests now on the assembly, everything works beautifully and the board looks very cool and neat.

I am very pleased with your service, and during the production preparation your colleagues found 2 mistakes which I was able to correct. SO I am very happy with your service! As this was my first time ordering PCB Assembly I will be aware of the typical mistakes from now on.!

I look forward to do further business with you and order a large quantity (100) in early January. Best Regards,



London, United Kingdom

 Sana, While we did have to do some rework due to design issues, please let the folks in China know that we are extremely pleased with the quality of the boards and the assembly. After the rework all boards were tested prior to packaging with a 100% yield. In my most recent RFQ I asked if you can provide these boards individually boxed next time (so we don’t have to touch them at all). We would also like to know if we can have you print/attach the box label, which will be a 3.5” x 5” full color adhesive label.

Thanks again for the great work, it will be a pleasure to work with you again. Regards,



Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Thank you all for your hard work. Next time will be much easier! I promise. I am very pleased with the quality, workmanship and especially the customer support you have all given me and our team.

Best regards,



Manchester, United Kingdom

Hi, I was on a very tight schedule that gave me very little time to do the design and left almost no time for production. You delivered a very high quality build exactly when you said you would, which really saved my bacon. The assembled boards arrived on a Monday. On Wednesday morning I was on a plane to LA with the tested boards in my luggage. On Friday they were installed in the new Fox Sports 1 studios. On Saturday the Fox Sports 1 network launched with the boards you made as part of their infrastructure. They have been in daily use there ever since.

The quality of the build was excellent and I was very pleased since I obviously had no time for rework. The only problem I found was that one of the LED’s was consistently mounted upside down on all boards. There are two identical LED’s next to each other and one was fitted the correct way up and the other was fitted upside down. Not sure how this could have happened but I’m assuming these parts were hand placed rather than machine placed. Best regards,



Leicester, United Kindom

Hi Angela, Meant to send this earlier but missed it.. We got the boards and everything works great! Thanks for the quick turnaround time and exceptional quality! I got a question from my client: how much would it be to produce 25, 50 or 100 units? Obviously the unit price would go down but i’m wondering how much. Is it possible for you to give a quote? We need to discuss this tomorrow so it’d be amazing if i had the numbers by then.




Cherry, Received the proto boards. Everything works great.

Please start production on the balance. Regards




Bittele team, The boards arrived yesterday morning and they turned out perfect! Thank you for your fine attention to detail and extraordinary communication and updates from the time I requested a quote through the shipment of the finished boards. This has been a wonderful experience working with the Bittele team.

Expect more business shortly as we’re working on two new board designs and as we begin to ramp up larger production runs this summer.



Birmingham, United Kingdom

Hi Angela, New Gerber files will be on the way later today.

DFM checks have saved me a lot of money over the years. Thanks.




Hi Lija, We have the boards. At a glance, they look better than we had hoped for. I will let you know how they work out for us. It will be a few weeks. As you know, a board can look pretty but that doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work. I expect if anything is wrong, it will turn out to be our mistakes. The registration looks very good (drill, mask, copper). Silkscreen is shifted but well within what is acceptable.

Every email and the entire experience dealing with your company is miles above what I am used to with your competitors. Keep up the great job over there, and expect a repeat order from us. Thanks.




Hi Cherry, I received the boards today and I loaded firmware on it.

It worked fine. Thanks a lot for your effort.




Hi Lija, We just received the boards. Excellent packaging and the build quality is great. I have only had a quick look so far, we will test them properly next week. Thanks for the quick turn around and excellent service.



Northern Ireland

Hi Angela, We just received the PCBs and I am very satisfied with the results. The conformal coating is perfect and the crimps are terrific.

Thank you for being willing to accommodate our needs.




Hi Ben,

Could I get another quote similar to the last prototype run I did with you guys? I was very pleased with the circuits and would like to continue business with your company.



Cambridge, United Kingdom

Hi Lija, We’re very pleased with your services so far, and I hope that we have been a good customer for you. We have requested many quotes, but your prices and quality are very good. The thoroughness with which your check the design files is also very much appreciated.

We have another PCB that we would like you to quote if possible. Thanks and Kind Regards,



Bristol, United Kingdom

Hi All, I have tested the new boards you sent me and so far I am perfectly happy with the results. From my point of view you can start with the production of the rest of the boards 160pcs. Thank you so much.




Hi All, I just received the boards you built and assembled – they look great. Thanks for doing a great job on them. I have a new project I’d like to get a quote for.

Can you quote for 50 boards and also for parts and assembly of the 50 boards? Thanks.




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