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Quality Management

Quality Management

In manufacturing, Quality Control means satisfied customers. As an ISO9001 certified manufacturer, Bittele Electronics follows well-established North American operating procedures to ensure that we produce your product to only the highest of standards. We employ industry-leading quality and process controls to monitor a project at each stage along the course of production, from supplier selection to final inspections and customer service.

Supplier Evaluations and Audits are an integral part of Bittele’s Quality Management process and is based on the quality and environmental processes as prescribed by the ISO 9001 quality management system. It is essential to ensure that each suppliers products are of the highest quality and standard. Our Procurement team, on an annual basis evaluates and ranks not only our current suppliers but also new prospective suppliers as well. Ranking is based on measurable standards regarding the suppliers ability to meet or exceed Bittele’s quality standards. Bittele works with its suppliers to help improve quality and build stronger relationships.

Preliminary Contract Review is performed to ensure Bittele Electronics is capable of meeting your requirements. Our engineering team reviews your requirements by examining your specifications, delivery schedule and other technical and business factors.

Manufacturing Instruction Development is a procedure that describes the actual manufacturing processes and technologies that Bittele will use to produce your product. Based on our engineering teams preliminary evaluations of materials and specifications from your design, the team develops manufacturing datum from the design datum utilizing CAM, which in turn is used to develop the final Manufacturing Instruction (MI). The MI is prepared by an independent engineering firm and is subsequently reviewed by Bittele’s manufacturing team and quality assurance engineers prior to commencing production.

Quality Control of Materials is critical to ensuring a quality product and to reduce overall costs. All material arriving at Bitteles warehouse is subject to a thorough incoming inspection utilizing precision inspection equipment to verify the material meets the prescribed quality standards. Only after the material pass inspection is it entered into our sophisticated material management system. Bittele’s Material Management System not only prioritizes material on a first-in, first-out basis, but also monitors for expiration dates and warns the system operator of impending expiry issues which ensures your material is used within its acceptable shelf life.

Manufacturing Process Controls ensure that the products manufactured by Bittele meet your requirements and specifications. Along with the MI, Bittele employs total equipment management & maintenance, accurate work-in-progress inspections, and working instructions. Our inspection process uses precision testing instruments for AOI inspections, WIP inspections, and control plans.

Final Testing and Inspections are a critical component of Bittele’s quality process. To insure your final PCB assembly is meets or exceeds your specifications, our quality engineers conduct a series of tests and inspection including physical and visual inspections, open/short tests, AOI inspections, X-ray inspection, and InCircuit tests.

Final Quality Audits (FQA) ensure all final product is approved prior to packing and shipment. Our quality engineers inspect your finished product relative to your specifications and requirements using a sampling system. our engineers apply the FQA inspection per fabrication part number, client part number, quantity, address and packing list.

Customer Care Processes helps Bittele Electronics make adjustments to improve customer service to meet or exceed your expectations. Our client focused customer care team monitors satisfaction levels from client feedback and periodically surveys client’s to obtain valuable information about their experience with Bittele. This client feedback assists Bittele to improving customer service to meet our client’s needs.

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