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PCB Prototype Assembly

At Bittele we specialize in prototype assembly quantities from 1 to 25 circuit cards. With our Prototype Service your design is ready for testing without worrying about any of the aspects normally associated with building a prototype. Avoid the hassle of sourcing PCB’s and components and focus on your design! Let our team and its extensive network of suppliers fulfill your requirements in the quickest and most economical manner possible!

Bittele’s Full Turn-Key PCB assembly handles PCB prototyping, component purchasing and circuit card assembly all under one roof. If you prefer to supply kitted parts we are happy to handle the rest.

Our Prototype Assembly Service utilizes our staff of professional solder technicians, SMT process engineers and component procurement specialists to ensure affordability with fast turnaround. The layout of our prototype assembly area facilitates the mixing of automated and manual part loading and we handle fine pitch components and BGAs for high density FR4 boards.

We optimize the choice of packaging (cut tape, tray, tube, bulk, etc.) versus quantity required for your prototype to ensure the lowest possible cost. We only purchase the exact component listed in your BOM and from your Approved Vendors list. For those hard-to-find or long-lead-time components we use cross reference and our network of suppliers to ensure no delays. We never change your design and part substitutions require your prior approval!

Using our instant online quoting system for both PCB Fabrication and PCB Assembly you can estimate the “PCB + Assembly” cost in seconds. The cost of component are our cost from the supplier, and we don’t charge any handling fee.

We understand ontime delivery of your prototypes is critical so we coordinate PCB Fabrication with Component Procurement to ensure parts arrive when the PCB’s are ready. Our engineers will review technical questions and component issues with you before assembly begins. The entire one-stop Prototype PCB Assembly process requires approximately 2 weeks; less if there are no hard-to-find parts or documentation issues.

Why not get started right now by requesting a quote:

To get a turn-key prototype assembly quote, send the following files to sales@7pcb.com.
  1. BOM (Bill of Materials in xls form)
  2. Gerber files
  3. Quantity to build
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