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PCB Assembly FAQ

What are your policies regarding the need for cross-referencing PCB components or compatible replacements for turnkey orders?

Bittele Electronics performs an inspection of your Bill of Materials when we receive them from you. Then, our procurement team reports back to you the status of our in-house parts supply. Our in-house inventory focuses on stocking both low cost and no-charge parts. When cross-referenced components are required, we will offer you suggestions that will keep your costs as low as possible. It is worth noting that while we offer you suggestions, we do not make any final decisions about parts; the final decision is up to you.

What are your supply procedures necessary to complete a turnkey PCB assembly job?

Parts are ordered based on the BOM when we can’t pull parts from our warehouse inventory. We use this approach to save the customer as much money as possible. When obsolete or difficult-to-source components are needed to fulfill a PCB assembly job, we add about 5 percent as spare parts just so we have extra parts on hand to ensure order completion. All minimum orders must be approved by the customer.

Do you have standard lead times for assembly orders?

Our lead times are determined by two factors: the time it takes to procure parts as well as the time needed to assemble them on PCBs. We schedule your assembly job in the most efficient way possible. To start, we need your Gerber file(s) and BOM. Then, we order your parts and design the stencil.

What is the minimum number of PCBs that you will manufacture for turnkey orders?

There is no minimum required. But we always instruct our customers that larger orders save more money.

Do you keep the parts not used in a PCB assembly job or return them to the customer?

If you expect to place more orders with Bittele Electronics, we will gladly maintain them in our supply house stock. However, if you prefer the extra parts sent to you, we will send them to you at no cost. When your PCBs are ready for delivery, please call us about the extra parts prior to shipment.

What files or documentation do you need to begin a turnkey assembly job?

  1. All of your Gerber files
  2. BOM (.xls) with vendors’ names, part numbers, reference designators, description, and quantity
  3. The Centroid data file
  4. Additional requirements or instructions.

What data is in a Centroid file?

A Centroid data file is a computer aided design file. It has information utilized in PCB prototype, fabrication, and assembly. It lists the reference designation, X, Y, side, top, bottom, and rotation coordinates needed by the automated machinery in order to fabricate or place electronic components on the board.

Can Bittele Electronics manufacture RoHS PCBs?

We have two assembly areas of our productions plants for Pb-free PCB manufacturing.

Are BGAs tested with X-ray equipment?

Bittele conducts x-ray testing of Ball Grid Arrays. We also perform x-ray testing on lead-less chip pins and lead-ed micro parts that are so small they cannot be inspected with a microscope.

Do you offer partial PCB manufacturing services?

Yes. If desired, this should be noted in your BOM. By informing our ordering team that you want our partial turnkey assembly service, we will set aside the parts you do not want us to assemble.

How do you want kitted parts labeled for more than one order?

Label parts shipped in a single package by the Bittele order number to identify which parts go with a specific order. If components are shared, label them so they say their common use. For each individual order, add an additional 5 percent for extra parts.

How should I label the parts I will ship to Bittele Electronics?

Indicate the part number and reference designators for every BOM tray, bag, or package. Label packages that need static or moisture packaging or have unique storage needs. Close the package securely and tape all the surface mount components. Remember that loose parts may be damaged during shipping. Damaged parts slow down the completion of your order.
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