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The Mission and Core Values of Our Business

Our mission is to be the leading Complete PCB Solution in North America and Europe for clients who need a turnkey PCB assembly service solution. Bittele is a dedicated business partner that can provide the highest quality of service, combined with timely completion of orders at the lowest possible price.

To accomplish our mission, the senior management of Bittele Electronics has promulgated a series of working guidelines that establish how we work for our customers as well as the vision we have in operating our global business. These guidelines include:

Respect Our Customers

We believe that if we respect our customers, both of our businesses will thrive. Our success will be determined by our ability to ensure that all parties up and down the supply and value chains, both internal and external to Bittele, behave in a respectful manner and conduct business in a fair, honest and ethical way. Our employees, clients, and vendors are critical to our success. Building respectful business relationships begins with developing positive and caring personal relationships.

Quality Is Our First Job

To obtain the respect and continued support of our customers, we believe quality is our first priority. We promise our customers that quality is the primary core value of our business. Quality extends from how we provide customer service, to how we work, to how we go about improving our PCB assembly services on a daily basis. Quality also means that we listen to our customers, and precisely follow their requirements. By training all our employees to provide quality customer service, we believe we will guarantee our success for many years to come.

Accountability is Our Responsibility

We believe that to be responsible to our customers depends on being accountable to them for any job or task we accomplish on their behalf. Accountability is an expectation of each and every employee at Bittele. All employees of Bittele Electronics are required to be personally responsible to our customers for the service and products we manufacture for them.

Completing Our Jobs With Discipline

Our customers value the positive results we obtain for them. We are committed to acting in a consistent and accountable manner. By doing so our customers will learn that Bittele Electronics is a business with integrity and is ready to maintain a long lasting business relationship with them.

Performing with Excellence

Excellence in all aspects of our business is the duty of every employee of Bittele Electronics. Performing with excellence is a very important core value at Bittele. We train our employees to be mindful of excellence so they can provide the best customer service in the world. Excellence means not only being technically competent, but also being polite to our customers, and promptly responding to their requests. Our goals of excellence also imbue us with the attitude of flexibility so we can quickly respond to changes in our customers’ business requirements. Most of all, performing with excellence reminds us that we need to do our jobs efficiently and on the behalf of our customers.

Teamwork is Central to Our Success

We believe that when we work as a cohesive team, we can achieve our goals and earn the business and the trust of our customers. Sound teamwork means that we can collaborate with one another, communicate in a positive way, and respect each member of the team.
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