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As part of our turnkey assembly services, Bittele Electronics does functional testing of PCBs, which is performed to eliminate occurrences of faults such as open circuits, short-circuits, and missing or wrong parts. The testing is normally accomplished after PCB assembly, AOI and visual inspections are accomplished. By doing testing in the beginning of the assembly process, faults and design problems can be found sooner, which facilitates troubleshooting, accelerates lead times, and improves customer satisfaction.

Bittele’s functional testing utilizes computer and testing software (firmware). Test points are connected to the computer. Other testing equipment is also used, including digital multimeters, I/O PCBs, and comm ports. The testing is done on the assembly line where a line worker uses the software and the supplementary equipment to perform tests. The boards are tested as per specific requirements, and the resulting data are entered into the software interface. For most embedded testing, we use an adjustable DC power supply, 200MHz digital oscilloscope, signal generator, LRC multimeter and universal programmer.

Those boards that meet the requirements pass the tests and are prepared for shipment to the customer’s site. Those PCBs that do not pass the tests will be troubleshooted to determine the cause of the fault. A design for assembly (DFA) form and an 8D QA report will be created by our process and quality engineers, respectively. You will receive a copy of the DFA report for your records. The 8D QA report is used by Bittele Electronics to improve its process quality.

To get started, Bittele’s testing begins with a review of your requirements, test scope, and test instructions. We will design the test jig, set up the equipment, create the workflow, and create the test reporting forms.

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