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Surface Mount Assembly

With over 10 years' experience in SMT Assembly, Bittele has the experience and track record your project demands. Let our highly trained SMT team handle your prototype and low-volume to mid-volume production runs, using manual and automatic processes. Let Bittele handle the details of production so you can focus on your design.

Our Assembly Capabilities include:

  1. BGA
  2. QFN
  3. SOIC
  4. PLCC
  5. QFP
  6. UBGA
  7. POP
  8. Other Packages (0.3mm/8 mils or larger)
  9. Passive Chip Components (Minimum 0201)
  10. Mixed SMT and Through Hole

Bittele’s Commitment to your design:

SMT Assembly is a technically demanding process. Our experts at Bittele will match the process to your design and constraints. Our engineering staff will review your design and make DFM suggestions as we deem necessary to reduce cost and increase reliability and manufacturability, but you make the final decision on any changes. We adhere to the SMT reflow requirements of each individual component to implementing precise control of the reflow process in order to obtain high yield, reducing your costs.

We carefully inspect the solder joints of each component; however, for leadless parts such as QFN, DFN and BGA packages, it is not possible to perform a direct visual inspection of each solder joint. Our SMT team employs 3D X-ray inspection, to locate issues related to SMT soldering. This is critically important for BGA assemblies.

Bittele engineers are here to assist you on your next project offering DFM advice and assistance regardless of which design stage you find yourself at. Once your project moves from the design stage, Bittele will provide quick-turn prototype and production service. Our online PCB Assembly Quote provides you an estimate of the cost of your project’s assembly right from the start.

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