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Founded in 2003, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with a local sales office in Dundee, United Kingdom, Bittele Electronics Inc. provides One Stop PCB assembly services, specializing in prototype and low-volume production. Bittele employs over 300 PCB manufacturing associates and over 100 PCB assembly associates at its production facilities in Shenzhen, China. With over 10 years' experience, Bittele Electronics Inc. has established itself as an On-Schedule, High Quality, Low Cost, Reliable Turn-Key PCB Solution company you can count on!
Production Facility, Canada

Bittele Electronics Inc. provides low-cost Turn-Key Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Services including PCB Fabrication, Components Procurement, and PCB Assembly services. You can conveniently obtain an instant price quote by clicking the PCB Assembly Quote or PCB Fabrication Quote links above!

Time and Cost Savings to Customers in Europe

One of the challenges of PCB assembly and manufacturing locally in Europe is inexpensive parts procurement. Since most electronic components suppliers are located in the USA and PCB manufacturers in China, the cost to ship parts, especially in multiple shipments or with multiple suppliers, to the United Kingdom, France, Germany can increase the cost of the final PCB.

Bittele Electronics understands this challenge very well so it has incorporated a parts procurement service within its one-stop PCB assembly services. Since Bittele has strong relationships with major electronic components suppliers in North America and many suppliers in Europe, it can procure parts at much lower prices than others. In addition, Bittele Electronics is capable of cross-referencing parts when original parts are out of stock or hard to find. For more information, feel free to contact customer service at sales@7pcb.com or Toll Free: 0-808-189-1271.

Bittele Electronics sponsors Student Competition with PCB manufacturing
Bittele Improves PCBA Service with Quick-Turn Capabilities
Bittele offers free passive components
Bittele supports Cornell University robotics team with custom PCBs
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